Freeze Dried Sprouts

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Freeze dried sprouts. We all know how healthy they are but many of us are intimadated by sprouting. We have taken the work out of it for you. These sprouts are READY TO SERVE!.

This balanced blend is human grade and organic with no GMOs.

This  blend contains the following:  hulled sunflower seed, yellow corn, whole oat, brown rice, highpro wheat berry, whole green pea, triticale, garbanzo, mung bean, buckwheat, millet, fenugreek, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, quinoa, radish seed, mustard seed, red clover seed and lentils.

The mix has been soaked in filtered water for 10-12 hours before being sprouted and freeze dried. The sprouts are rinsed three times daily for several days. Please keep in mind this is a lengthy process and may slow your order down a bit.

Each package will contaian approx 1  cup of ready to serve sprouts.