Avian Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

Avian Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

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Avian Rehabilitation Center (ARC) is a 501(c)3 aviculture organization providing educational outreach, rescue and rehabilitation (focusing on macaws and other large exotic birds), and grant funding to owners who are unable to afford the cost of their companion bird’s emergency veterinary care.

The Avian Rehabilitation Center has requested Chop and Blueberry Treats for their rescue box.  The small box will include 2 small bags of Chop, 1 Easy Pour Chop Canister and 1 package of Blueberry Treats.  The Large box will include 4 Quart size bags of Chop and 4 packages of Blueberry Treats.  Please note; Rescue Boxes will ONLY be shipped to the designated rescue.  Please use the following as the shipping address:

Avian Rehabilitation Center

13751 Jamul Drive

Jamul CA 91935